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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The State of Our Union Sucks

This is not about putting blame on Bush, or Clinton, or the Democrats or Republicans…

I wish someone, other than me, can say:

“Who is to blame is not the issue, but the country is messed up, our foreign relationships are messed up and we need an overhaul!”

I want to see the people in Washington be more concerned about who they are representing than “looking good” in the media. I want to see a politician get real. Really real, like being willing to say something that might not be popular, but is TRUE!

The people who “tell it like it really is” tend to not be popular. I don’t care about whether a person is likeable, as much as can I respect them. Honestly the people I respect the most, I don’t really like personally that much.

Where are the politicians that want to be respected more than liked?


Elizabeth said...

Few and far between.

I like Dennis Kucinich. I don't always agree with him, but he proves that people can be true to their ideals while still getting elected and re-elected to Congress. Ron Paul is another example.

Stan said...

What if you don't want to hear it?

What if say Country X had a nuke pointed at us. A politician says we need to do something now about country X.

Would you like him?

Cause guys like that get voted out.
Rick Santorum did.

Dave said...

Rick Santorum??? I think not. Kucinich is OK, but at the Democratic convention he went party over ideals.

Look for local third-party candidates. That's where the future of non-corporate candidates are going to be.

Leo said...

Rick Santorum was a far-right Bush wannabee. Great post!